Question tags

Question tags are tricky in English, aren't they? Some great news: They are dead easy in other languages ¿no? Read on for reassurance

German time and times

When learning German, you quickly realise that our Teutonic cousins are kind of obsessed with time. But how do we say "time" in German?

Guten Rutsch!

Happy New Year in German: "Gutes neues Jahr" is the proper way to say it. What people actually say, however, is “Guten Rutsch”...

Ich bin...

There is only a limited number of ways in which you can finish a sentence that starts with “Ich bin…”

21 Don't fret the accent

Studying a language? There are several plates to spin: 1. learn vocab 2. learn grammar points 3. improve comprehension 4. get a good accent

17 The 3 German "werdens"

There are three ways in which the verb werden can be used in German, all equally useful: Photo source: Christian Lue, via Unsplash 1. To...

5 Happy Pear Day!

Believe it or not, December 5th is International Pear Day. I might have let this one go, but we can have some fun with pears in our three...