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Ich bin...

Updated: May 19

1. + adjective

This is a simple construction as it works just like English.

President Kennedy was widely mocked for announcing to the world “Ich bin ein Berliner!” I am a doughnut. If he had followed our rule above, and omitted the “ein” he would have been fine:

Ich bin Berliner! = “I am a citizen of Berlin”

The reason for mentioning all of this at all is as a reminder NEVER to use “Ich bin…” as the start of a construction like

I’m moving house on Saturday.

I’m visiting my parents at the weekend.

There is only one present tense in German: the present simple, so the equivalent of the English present continuous doesn’t exist.


Samstag ziehe ich um.

Dieses Wochenende besuche ich meine Eltern.

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