Question tags

Question tags are tricky in English, aren't they? Some great news: They are dead easy in other languages ¿no? Read on for reassurance

Ma ville, ma famille

La famille, la ville: two of the first 100 French words we learn. The meanings are easy, but find out how they are pronounced, and why...

Le Covid ou la Covid?

It was decreed: Covid is a feminine word, but there are plenty who disagree, ignore the ruling. Gender fluidity in French? Yay, boo or huh?

Learn Wookiee

My colleagues and I at SameSky Languages are pleased to announce that we are adding a new language to the list that we offer. As well as...

Falsos amigos

Getting your words wrong is all part of learning a foreign language. Learn the Spanish words for embarrassed and pregnant, amongst others...

Spanish adjectives hacks

The way in which adjectives are used in Spanish differs from English in two main ways: · They show the gender of the noun they describe, an

German time and times

When learning German, you quickly realise that our Teutonic cousins are kind of obsessed with time. But how do we say "time" in German?

Guten Rutsch!

Happy New Year in German: "Gutes neues Jahr" is the proper way to say it. What people actually say, however, is “Guten Rutsch”...