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Weihnachten in Freiburg

SameSky Languages German Podcast episdoe 7

I don’t usually like to go too early on Weihnachten, but this year I’m one of those people who was mentioning the C-word before the first little window on der Adventskalendar had been opened. In my defence, I was in full preparation mode for the trip to the Weihnachtsmärkte that I had organised for my students. There were rather fewer Student:innen accompanying me than originally planned, but it was a fun weekend anyway.

Photo: Sunrise over Freiburg, from the look-out point on the Schlossberg

Click on the links to (a) listen and (b) follow the transcript of a brief summary of the trip, not in terms of everything we did – that would be really dull for you – but some words and phrases that popped up while we were there.

Download the transcript here:

7 Freiburg
Download PDF • 707KB

I will be announcing details of more trips in the New Year, so please contact me here if you would like more information about what we offer, both in terms of trips and regular lessons.

Andrew Wenger

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