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Patching Mares - Day 10

This is the last one in the series of Matching Pairs/Patching Mares.

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Scroll back through the ten posts entitled 'Patching Mares' since Christmas Day, and see how many you can get. The first person to contact SameSky with the correct answer to all ten* will receive a prize worth having! A new hardback dictionary of your choice if you are already enrolled, or three introductory lessons on one of our group language courses if you are new to the SameSky community. Good luck!

*If you can't get all ten, send me as many answers as you have, and the person to have contacted us with the most by 12:00 midday on Wednesday 5th will the get the prize.

We'd love to hear from you anyway, whether or not you have taken up the Matching Paris challenge. If you, or anyone you know, would like to take up a new foreign language, or brush the rust off an old one, please contact us, stating which language, which level and your motivation for learning.

All the best for 2022

Andrew Wenger and all the SameSky Languages team

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