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French: Podcast transcript 7

Updated: Nov 22, 2023

In this episode you can learn about


We know that adjectives can change their form from masculine to feminine, singular to plural, but there is also a tricky issue when it comes to placing them. They usually go after the noun, but can also go before it.

*The subjunctive

It's not a tense, it's a "mood", but what is it, how and why is it used, and how is it formed? And do we have the same thing in English?


A special, but sightly out-dated type of French slang, with some similarities to the rhyming slang of London Cockneys. As learners of French, there is little point spending hours of precious time trying to master it, but it is an interesting cultural reference point

You can listen to it here:

French Podcast 7 Adjectives_Subjunctive_Verlan
Download ZIP • 23.31MB

You can download the transcript here:

Episode 7 Adj SUBJ verlan
Download PDF • 833KB

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