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SameSky Academy

We would love to see you enrol to study a SameSky language with us, but if you are unable to attend one of our increasing number of classes, you can now subscribe and receive regular study materials via email.

These are produced weekly, so you will get a digest of the key points that have been covered in a given week.

They typically include notes about vocabulary, grammar, and idiomatic expressions, and there is often an audio file attached, which you can use in conjunction with the written notes.

There is often a quiz element, both in writing and also so that you can test yourself ‘against’ the voice on the audio. The less you have to use the pause button, the more you can tell yourself you are having an actual conversation!

You will also be invited to join the WhatsApp group discussion forum, to make comments, ask questions and hopefully offer answers about – or indeed ‘in’ – your target language.

As a member of the SameSky Languages community you will receive information and invitations to social events and excursions, and I am hoping to start leading trips to places of interest in Western Europe. Watch this space…

The trial price for access to all of this is £3.50 per week, if you order a block of ten, or £5 for a one-off.

There is also a condensed version of the notes, which has no audio or interactive features, and this is freely available to anyone who requests to be put on the mailing list.

Please contact me here stating your intentions, and how you would like to benefit from what SameSky offers.

French Academy

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German Academy

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Spanish Academy

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Did you find what you’re looking for? If not, email us with a direct question: Contact | SameSky Languages

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