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Language-learning Holidays

Spain - France - Germany - Switzerland - Peru - Japan

We are all looking forward to being able to travel freely again after the virus has eased off, and what better way to celebrate than by taking a trip to the country whose language you have been learning.
Whether you are a relative beginner, or already feel conversationally proficient, join us on one of our trips, which have been specially designed to give you the maximum amount of practice in the language, while having an enriching cultural experience as well. 
Which type of trip do you find most appealing...?

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Pilates/Spanish language


Image by Dieny Portinanni

Learn French / Bird-watching in Champagne 


Image by Sergio Otoya

Learn Spanish in Castile, the heart of Spain


Gran Alacant, Alicante, Spain

Saturday 29th October - Saturday 5th November 2022

A healthy mind in a healthy body, in this popular Spanish destination. Learn the language and practice Pilates with highly qualified and experienced teachers/instructors. 

As well as the Pilates classes, there will be excursions to local places of interest and opportunities to explore and try out your newly learned language skills.

Lac du Der-Chantecoq, Champagne, France

Sat 28th May - 4th June 2022

A week of learning French and bird-watching here on the shores of the largest artificial lake in Europe. 

For the serious birder there will be plenty of time with the binoculars, but there will also be the opportunity to explore the local region.

We will buddy up with local experts who will not only be our guides in the field, but also our language exchange partners.

Sat 27th August - Sat 3rd Sept 2022

A tour of three cities, which are less well-known to the average British tourist: Burgos, Leon and Salamanca. 

This area to the north and west of Madrid is famous for its excellent cuisine, and boasts some of the most stunning architecture, as well as having a strong claim to be the literary epicentre of Spain.

It is also the region where the clearest Spanish is spoken, giving us a better chance to understand and be understood as we learn...

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