Photo: The two cathedrals of Salamanca, by Sergio Otoya, Unsplash

Learn Spanish in Castile, the heart of Spain


Sat 27th August - Sat 3rd Sept 2022

A tour of three cities, which are less well-known to the average British tourist: Burgos, Leon and Salamanca. 

This area to the north and west of Madrid is famous for its excellent cuisine, and boasts some of the most stunning architecture, as well as having a strong claim to be the literary epicentre of Spain.

It is also the region where the clearest Spanish is spoken, giving us a better chance to understand and be understood as we learn...

Who's it for?

Suitable for those with any level of Spanish, and a desire to see the "real" Spain.

Over 18s only.

Where do we stay?

There is the option to be billeted with a local family for part of the time, but most students prefer to stay together in hotel accommodation. The hotel has not yet been finalised (due to the obvious restrictions currently in place), but it will be 'mid-range' in terms of luxury.


Language classes are differentiated by level (beginner/intermediate/advanced) and we have a unique 'buddy' system: we pair you up with a friendly local, who helps us with our Spanish in exchange for practising their English.

Our Spanish teachers are a mixture of native speakers and well-qualified teachers from England, with lots of experience of leading trips.


Sat 27th August - Sat 3rd Sept 2022. 7 nights

How much?

£850 (this does NOT include transport to and from the Madrid, where we start and finish the tour)

How's it structured?

A more detailed itinerary will be published nearer the time, but typically:

* Early morning exercise (optional)

* Spanish language lesson

* Lunch together

* Excursion or free time

* Evening meal together and optional activity 

Our buddies will accompany us on some of the excursions and during the language sessions

Photo: The two cathedrals of Salamanca, by Sergio Otoya, Unsplash