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New this September: A crash course in grammar

SameSky Languages is offering a brush-up course in the very basics of grammar in your chosen language. Whether you are a beginner or have been learning for a while, and are aware of the gaps in your knowledge, this stand-alone course is for you. You are equally welcome whether or not you are an existing SameSky student.

It is highly recommended for the following people:

* GCSE students who are aiming for a very high grade

* new A-level students, who might not have been studying intensively over the summer

* anyone who is interested in gaining a secure knowledge of the building blocks of a language, before the fun part starts: 

This short course is designed to be covered in two short daytime sessions, but if evenings suit you better, the same course will be repeated in one longer session


Tuesday 5th Sept, 9:30am and Thursday 7th Sept, 9:30am

Alternatively: Tuesday 5th, 7pm



Monday 4th Sept, 12:00 and Wednesday 6th, 12:00

Alternatively: Monday 4th, 8pm



Tuesday 5th, 3:30pm and Wednesday 6th, 10am

Alternatively: Wednesday 6th, 6:30pm


The fees

Daytime classes (each 50 minutes in duration) £10 per person per session.

Evening classes (90 minutes) £18 per person per session

There is a 20% discount on this for anyone who was enrolled last term, or is going to enrol this coming term.

Please sign up by completing the form on the contact page, here

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