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Language tuition in London, Herts and Berks

Would you like to learn a new language? Brush up on an old one?
Stay one step ahead of your kids'/grandkids' homework?
Have a better experience when you go on holiday?
Have an edge over your business competitors?
We can help you...


Joy U. IT Manager, Welwyn

IT manager, learning German to be able to communicate more freely with German and Swiss colleagues and counterparts

"I found the teacher very knowledgeable and pleasant to work with. It's satisfying to work with someone who not only speaks the language but understands and can articulate German grammar and sentence structure. He tried to tailor lessons to match the reason I wanted to learn - in my case was to help business communication.  I would recommend him anytime."


The SameSky way

You are reading this presumably because you are interested in improving your language skills, which already sets you apart from the average Brit! Whatever your principal reason for wanting to learn - business, pleasure or pub-quiz smugness - we aim to make your learning experience meaningful, enjoyable, fruitful.

Would you rather join a group or take one-to-one lessons? Both are possible.

Established in 2015, our sweet-spot has become teaching foreign languages to groups of adults who want to meet like-minded people to improve their language skills. Our classes are welcoming and sociable, and students often develop extra contact outside of lesson time, either on language-based WhatsApp groups or in the  local coffee shop or pub.

Imagine how gratifying it would be for you to:

  • go way beyond merely ordering the drinks and asking for the bill

  • chat to your local neighbours over the garden fence of your holiday villa

  • make a favourable impression with your overseas work counterparts

  • be able to help younger members of your family with their GCSE oral revision

  • impress your future in-laws. Flowers are nice, but the ability to engage in conversation is special


No such thing as a complete beginner!

If you take up a language as an adult, you might be surprised how many words you already know, either from your knowledge of other languages (and foreign words in English) or from travelling and meeting people. Our job is to help you fill in the gaps and gradually turn single utterances into full sentences. Less Tarzan, more...


Tailored lessons

Our teachers are trained to the highest standards and have decades of relevant experience. We make sure the lessons suit your needs, whatever background you arrive with us from

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Intermediate/advanced learner

What is your main focus?

So you can hold a basic conversation, but would like to take your skills to the next level? You've come to the right place. We make sure that we put you in a class where you will be comfortable with the level. Most people really want to improve their speaking skills, first and foremost, but if grammar is your thing, then our teachers are happy to set and mark extra homework. Not compulsory, no detentions for failure to complete!


The rich get richer

As you will know from your own foreign holiday experience, a little backed up with a little effort and a big smile can go a very long way. It is up to you how much extra effort you put in. There are no magic short-cuts to learning a language, but there are techniques we can help you with, in order to maximise the finite amounts of time you have available.


The SameSky team


Andrew Wenger

Founder of SameSky Languages, Andrew teaches French, German, Spanish and Japanese. He has a first degree in Modern Foreign Languages from the University of Nottingham and PGCE. He also has qualifications in English teaching (Business TEFL and CELTA) and is DELTA trained. He has studied or worked in Germany, Spain, Japan, Sweden but reckons that he has spent as much time in France as anywhere.

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Gabriele Galli

Gabriele is a native of Bologna, but has spent most of the last decade in Windsor, where he has built a successful and respected Italian-teaching business. We are delighted to be in partnership with Gabriele, a true Italian gentleman with a big voice, big intellect and a big heart!
Link to Gabriele's website below


Emmy Wu

Emmy hails from Guangzhou, southern China, where she gained her impressive list of qualifications. She has rich experience teaching both English to her compatriots and now Mandarin here in the UK. As befits someone from the land of ground-breaking electronics, Emmy is highly skilled in the technological side of the education business.

Be You

Could your name go here?

We are always keen to hear from people with experience of teaching languages - in whatever format. Please contact us here if you would like to join the SameSky team



Andrew Wenger c/o Loddon Hall
Loddon Hall Rd, Twyford, Reading RG10 9JA

07849 196969

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We are proud of the community we have created. Even in these extraordinary times of limited or no face-to-face contact, we have been able to keep our language classes going, and have even managed some extra online activities. As soon as we are permitted to do so, we will be back in the physical classrooms...


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