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Worthless, priceless or an absolute rip-off?

How many of the following English money expressions do you know and use?

Do you know these two Beatles’ songs?

Money (That’s what I want) watch and listen here

Money can’t buy me love Watch and listen here

Is there a contradiction in the lyrics of these two songs?

English people are famous for talking about the weather and preferring not to talk about money! However, there are a lot of expressions which involve money in some way. How many of these do you know?

idiom/expression meaning

Money’s no object

It is so important to me that I do not care how much it costs!

It costs the earth It is very expensive

It cost an arm and a leg It was very expensive

That diamond is absolutely priceless

So expensive that no one could really afford it

Those pearls are just worthless fakes

They have no value at all!

It’s as cheap as chips Very cheap

It’s an absolute bargain It’s very good value (cheaper than expected)

It’s a complete rip-off

It’s much more expensive than it should be (and the seller knows it!)

He ripped me off Same expression in phrasal verb form

  • He’s loaded = He’s very rich

  • He’s rolling in it

  • He’s minted

  • He’s got money to burn

To pour money down the drain To waste money

Put your money where your mouth is!

Don’t just talk about it, let’s see some action!

Money makes the world go round Whether we like it or not, money is important

"The love of money is the root of all evil."

This is surely one of the most misquoted verses from the Bible: people often say that money alone is the root of all evil - which is a different debate.

And the best line from one of the best ever films:

“Wow, look at those amazing diamonds - they must be worth their weight in gold!”

(Some like it hot, with Marilyn Monroe)

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