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The Twelve Days of Christmas – French style

If you have ever thought that Lords a-leaping was a strange present to give a true-love, then what do you make of the French version? Arguably more practical presents, but…

12 Douze ventouses

11 Onze pierres ponces

10 Dix bigoudis

9 Neuf bonnets neufs

8 Huit parapluies

7 Sept pincettes

6 Six poésies

5 Un gros poussin

4 Quatre pissenlits

3 Trois petites poules

2 Deux caramels

1 Et un moineau tout en haut du pommier

Listen here

And yes, this is how they translate:

Twelve suction cups/plungers

Eleven pumice stones

Ten curlers

Nine new beanie hats

Eight umbrellas

Seven tweezers

Six poems

A big chick

Four dandelions

Three little hens

Two caramels

And a sparrow up in the apple tree

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