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The Spanish Inclination

A poem by Ian James McKenzie about Spanish... and how the pronunciation of her consonants, while a thing of beauty from the lips of a native speaker, can sound rather like a speech impediment to the beginner... 

The Spanish Inclination

‘Volver!’ Say it with a softened ‘b’…

Tricky, if like me, you are

Not inclined to speaking

In foreign tongues; though

I love the sound of it,

The words do not slip from

My mouth so glibly…

And the thinly disguised soft

Consonantal ‘C’ in English hands

Is like a speech impediment,

Ungraciously mocked by

Undiscerning, insensitive

Anglo-Saxon monoglottal oiks!

And round it comes again;

‘Volver!’ With its soft and

Bulbous V’s, evolving 

And revolving as you speak.

It trips off the Spanish tongue

So easily, with such hot 

And breathy elan! But sadly

It only stumbles clumsily

As it trips gauchely over mine…

IM-10th October 2020

Ian wrote this after joining in with a Thursday QUILT* last week, in which we discussed the Almodóvar classic film, "Volver"

*Quite Interesting Little Talks, provided free of charge by Same-Sky Languages. Join us! 

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