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The Chair Yoga poem

SameSky Languages has acquired a resident poet! You missed a treat if you were not at last week’s Thursday QUILT – a Chair Yoga session, led by @JackieTurner, but you can relive the experience here, thanks to this poetic offering by Ian James (McKenzie)

Chair Yoga

…or, the benevolence of chairs…

I’m pushing out the envelope here,

Stretching myself, letting the chair

Take the strain, while I gently pummel

The upholstery getting into Camel…

I’m doing my best impressions; see

My Downward-facing Dog, my Tree!

I’m letting the chair dictate the pace

As I pose gracefully in Cow-Face;

The chair is my main support

While I struggle to stretch out in Corpse.

But it’s tricky lying flat in pose

Ignoring the itch molesting my nose!

And Pigeon is an awkward stance;

The chair keeps rocking, and there’s a chance

Of dislocation and sudden pain…

I should have stuck to seated Mountain!

The chair, of course, is doing its best

To offer aid and comfort, as I wrest

My limbs into Asanas and poses;

But this Chair Yoga, take my word,

Is no bleeding bed of proverbial Roses!

IJM-3rd October 2020

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