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Spanish nightclubs can ONLY stay open til 3am!

If you’re learning a language, you don’t have to understand everything you read/hear right from the off. With the right guidance, you can get a lot of satisfaction from just a little knowledge.

Here, for example, are a few lines taken from an article on the excellent website*, which allows you to read the opening paragraph of articles, but you need to pay a subscription for the full service. The article in question talks about how the nightclubs in Spain might soon be allowed to reopen, as long as they follow strict conditions.

How much of this would you get before copy&pasting into Señor Google?

1. Las salas de baile sólo podrían permanecer abiertas hasta las tres de la mañana

2. La barra tendría que estar inhabilitada

3. La pista de baile no podría utilizarse a menos que estuviera ocupada por sillas distanciadas unas de otras

4. y los asistentes tendrían que estar sentados todo el tiempo y con las mascarillas puestas.

Point 1 might strike us English as funny: they are allowed to stay open “only” until 3am

Point 2: nothing to quench your thirst

Point 3: only socially distanced chairs on the dancefloor. Makes you wonder what the point is.

Point 4: again, most of us accept that the wearing of masks is inevitable in public places, but is a disco still a disco when everyone has to remain seated? We at SameSky Languages know all about Chair Yoga, thanks to @JackieTurner and her excellent introductory session for us, but a chair disco...?

At SameSkyLanguages we put the emphasis on expressing yourself simply and clearly, making use of words and phrases that you have picked up from authentic sources.

Why not contact us to find out about how you can improve your Spanish, or learn from scratch?

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