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New this summer term

Whether you would like to learn Japanese for travel, business, pleasure, to impress future in-laws, or just for something completely different, you might be surprised at how easy it is to learn spoken Japanese to a basic level. OK, reading and writing is a different matter, but...

The class will have to be online at present, which means we can offer a competitive price, as there are no transport or room-hire costs. Our small groups of adult learners are always very friendly, and as soon as we are permitted, we will have sociable events in real life as well as the regular lessons. Why not contact us for a chat about the options.

In the meantime, just for fun, you can test your knowledge with our quiz on Japanese language, history and culture. Answers published soon...

About the course/teachers:

Andrew Wenger is the founder and director of SameSky Languages and leads introductory courses in Japanese. He spent 2 years working and studying in Japan, and since his return has been introducing people in the UK to the joys of learning a language which works in a rather different way, but is remarkably accessible (maybe ‘easy’ is pushing it). The pronunciation is straightforward, as is the grammar system, and you will be surprised how many English words have found their way into modern Japanese.

We propose an introductory course of eight lessons. If you are making good progress and would like to take it to the next level, we have Japanese native speakers waiting in the wings to take over.

Course fees

Based on a minimum of four people, the total cost of the course of eight x 1 hour lessons is £96 (£12 per hour per person). This includes all materials and teacher-feedback via email so that you can consolidate your learning between classes.

When and where?

At present we have to conduct all classes online, so your physical location is not relevant. However, as soon as it is deemed responsible and legal to do so, we will meet up for extra events such as Sushi and Sake parties and other Japanese cultural events. These will be based in the Reading and/or Hertford areas.

The proposed time for the lessons is either Monday 7pm or Thursday 3pm, but this can be flexible.

Please contact us to Find out more about the options.


Gambatte kudasai

Let's do this!

Andrew Wenger, director and lead teacher of SameSky Languages

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