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5 Happy Pear Day!

Believe it or not, December 5th is International Pear Day.

I might have let this one go, but we can have some fun with pears in our three languages:

In French the humble pear is the fruit used in the expression about being taken for a ride, being a mug:

« Et moi, bonne poire, j’ai dit oui ! »

In German, Birne is the word for pear, but it also has the second meaning of ‘lightbulb’. And “eine weiche Birne haben” (to have a soft pear) means to be a bit dim, literally, soft in the pear.

As for Spanish:

The speech bubbles mean:

- Hello. Have you been waiting long?

- No, I’ve always been an apple.

This makes no sense until you realise that “es pera” can mean “you are a pear” as well as sounding like “waiting”

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