Thursday QUILTs

Quite Interesting Little Talks

Whether or not you are currently enrolled on a course, you are most welcome to join us

Most Thursday evenings we offer a little extra bonus to our wonderful language-learning community: a lecture, a talk, a discussion, a quiz... anything that might appeal to the wider interest of the group. 
Whether the topic is language, travel, food, film, or a taster session in a brand new language, we welcome existing students and newcomers to join in. You can passively listen, take an active part or even volunteer to lead a session. 
Look at our programme of events, past and forthcoming, to get an idea of what we offer. Oh, and it's all completely free of charge.


QUILTs schedule

Quite Interesting Little Talks

22nd October 2020

German film discussion: "The lives of Others"

The title of the original German film has "the life" in the singular: Das Leben der Anderen, which could already be a talking point, maybe. A film about the workings of the Stasi in the 1980s, it is notable partly for the director's fantastic name: Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck

15th October 2020

French film discussion "Trois vies..."

“Trois vies et une seule mort” (Three lives and only one death) by the Chilean director, Raúl Ruiz. It’s a bit “out there” and it might not end up ranking among your 'favourite' films of all time, but there is certainly a lot to discuss!

8th October

Spanish film discussion: "Volver"

If you are a fan of Pedro Almodóvar, don't miss this chance to share your thoughts on what is arguably his best film. Given the wide range of ability amongst us, we will conduct the discussion mainly in English, but hopefully refer to aspects of the Spanish language that have grabbed our attention

1st October 2020

Chair Yoga

We are lucky enough to have many talented people in our community, and @JackieTurner has offered to lead a yoga session, which promises to be even more calming and relaxed than usual, given that we do it from the comfort of our own chair

June/July 2020

Please contact SameSky if you would like to take part in this beginners' course, as places will be limited

Japanese for beginners

11th June

China: a beginner's guide

Emmy Wu, one of our SameSky Languages colleagues, offers an insight into the language and culture of her home country

4th June

The History of the English language

A word-nerd's guide to the rich and colourful evolution of our language

16th April:

Birdsong of the British Woodland

With audio and visual accompaniment, take a virtual walk through the woodland and see how many of the birds you can identify from their songs

30th April:

Italy and the UK - the changing relationship

A talk by guest speaker Kevin Jones, assisted by SameSky Languages teacher, Gabriele Galli, on the way the relationship between Italy and GB has changed over the last few decades

21st May:

Julie Brix gives a personal account of one of the most iconic railway journeys in the world

The Trans-Siberian

28th May:

Japan and the Japanese

Andrew Wenger shares his experience of having spent two years in a small fishing village on the island of Awaji-shima, and an introduction to the language

April 9th:


We were not quite the first to offer a lockdown quiz, but it still felt like a fresh idea. Not only questions about languages, but...


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