1.       How do I know my level?

You can take The Cambridge General English placement test here. You will be given a mark out of 25, and a Cambridge level. This will give an indication of which of our classes is best for you. Please click here for more information. You are welcome to change to the other level at any time. Just send us an email.

2.       I am not taking an IELTS test, are your classes for IELTS students only?

Our lessons are geared towards IELTS but we cover general grammar points in every lesson so they are suitable for all English learners. If you want to improve a particular area of English or want the possibility of faster improvement, we also offer more intensive one-to-one lessons which can be tailored to your requirements.

 3.      How much are the online lessons? 

Group lessons are £7 per class, or £35 for a six-lesson course.

Intensive one-to-one lessons are £35 per class, or £150 for a six-lesson course.

4.       Please tell me more about booking multiple lessons (a course of six)?

If you choose to book a course of lessons, you specify your level and can then choose which lessons you want to take (speaking and listening and/or reading and writing). You may attend more than one class per week, but you must complete your six lessons within an 8-week period.

5.       What are the teachers’ credentials?

Our teachers have a minimum qualification of CELTA and PGCE (languages) and an average of twenty years’ teaching experience in the UK and around the world.

6.       How many classes will I need to take?

The lessons are organised into blocks of six. You are welcome to enrol for a one-off class, but why not try a mini-course of six?

7.       Can you guarantee that my English will improve?

We will introduce you to new vocabulary, grammar points and give you practice in fluency, appropriate to your level. We recommend that you attend our classes as one part of your studies. Practice is the only way to consolidate what you have learned, so we encourage you to take any new words and phrases that you learn in our lessons and use them where possible in your daily life.

8.       How interactive are the lessons?

Each lesson is in an online class with other students; it is semi-interactive, i.e. you can post questions to the teacher, and even interact with other students. Pairwork practice will be a feature of the lesson.

9.       How often do you host the classes?

There are two basic level classes per week and two advanced classes. Please click here for more information. Please note: The times of the classes relate to British time (GMT in winter, BST in summer), so please check your local time carefully.

10.   Do you teach British English or American English?

The SameSky teachers are British, but we are aware that the English spoken natively in other countries like North America and Oceania adds richness and points of interest to our world language and we often make references to them in our teaching.

11.   Which platform do you use for the online lessons?

We use Zoom for the group classes. Please click here to familiarise yourself with the platform before starting your classes. Depending on which device you are using, you might need to download some software.

Please make sure that your internet connection is strong enough to support this platform, and that your webcam and microphone are working. Unfortunately we cannot offer refunds if you are unable to attend a lesson, unless you inform us at least 24 hours in advance.

For one-to-one lessons, our teachers are willing to use a different platform (e.g. Skype) if you would prefer this to Zoom.

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