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Our teachers

Our teachers are all native English speakers. They are highly qualified in teaching English, with many years of relevant experience, in the UK and abroad.

Our methods

We believe in maximum interaction between student and teacher, and between students in the class. We like our students to learn intuitively: constructing sentences rather than simply repeating after the teacher.

Our pricing

There is no registration fee. You can pay for a single class or can save money by signing up for a course of six classes in advance.

Learn from anywhere

All you need is access to the internet to start learning English from our teachers, and then you can practise with other SameSky students from around the world.

Facebook group page

When you enrol for a whole course, you will gain access to our Facebook group where you can chat with other SameSky English students and consolidate your lessons.

Learn online

Interactive lessons

Join our virtual classroom by signing up to our weekly webinar, where we study grammar points in the context of a specific topic area.

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