Our classes

There is no commitment, no registration fee. You can simply pay as you go, per class. Or you can sign up for a six-week course at a discounted price. Click here to see our current prices.

Individual or group classes?

You can enrol for one-to one classes or join group classes

The content of one-to-one classes will be determined by you. We can offer you practice in one or a combination of the four skills: listening, speaking,

reading or writing.

If you join a group class, we will specify in advance which of the skills we will focus on, so you can choose the most relevant classes for you to attend. You can choose between reading and writing or listening and speaking.

Group lessons are limited to 8 students, to give maximum interaction between teacher and student.


You can find your level by taking the placement test here. You will be given a mark out of 25 and a Cambridge level.

If your level is determined as A1 or A2 you should enrol in one of our basic level classes

If your level is determined as B1 or B2 (IELTS level 4.5-6.0) you should enrol in one of our advanced classes.

If your level is determined as C1 or C2 (IELTS level 6.5 and above) we recommend that you enrol for individual classes.


Each lesson is organised around a specific topic area, and we will cover at least one major grammar point per lesson. This is an interactive online classroom. Ask a question, make a comment, answer a question, and chat with your online partner, as directed by the teacher. 


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